Konjaku Monogatari
(Stories, modern and ancient)

* gift of the deities
this island of four seasons
do not forget, do not destroy our ancient ways
the heart of our true essence*

drops of tears for the hazy moon
I dreamt on the night of a full moon
do not forget, do not forget
the heart that feels and speaks

a boxwood comb for the (long) black hair
letters for the beloved, written with brush and ink
eyes alone speak to each other
on an island with a heart

cherry blossoms in the spring
coloring maple leaves in the autumn
many colors adorn
the prayers of the trees

hiding amongst the grass and reverberating,
the song of coming autumn
eyes closed,
it's the sweet lullabies that I remember

* (repeat)

allured by foreign lands
this changing island
do not forget, do not forget
here I make this wish in my heart

lyrics ERI SUGAI
The English translation by Masako Suzuki